I’m not much of a sports fan, never really have been.   I think it goes back to when my older Brother T.J. would use football or any other sport, as an excuse to beat the crap out of me.   But that’s a whole different story.  

Somehow I end up watching the Super bowl every year.   I  I used to watch “just for the commercials” but,  over the past few years I think I’m developing a small appreciation for the game itself.    What a fun game last night.  Especially in the 4th Quarter.   

 For a moment there I though Kurt Warner and the Arizona Cardinals had it made… Then there was that catch by the Steelers.    While I was hoping the Card’s would win, I have to admit that catch was amazing.     

On top of the game itself, we were treated to a pretty awesome look at this years upcoming movies.    I want to save some of this discussion for this weeks show, but I wanted to give my impression on a couple of the Movie Trailers that were broadcast.

First was “Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen”.   I wasn’t really blown away by the teaser.   The only thing I saw in it that made me the slightest bit excited was what appears to be a glimpse of “Ravage”.   If you grew up in the 80’s, and had the Soundwave Transformer, AKA the Boom Box.    Ravage was one of the Cassette Tapes that transformed into a panther like cat.   That was the very first Transformer I ever owned, and still one of my fav’s.       I sure hope the next trailer has more substance to it…  If you recall, when the first Transformer’s movie was released, that Trailer didn’t really show anything….  So there’s hope.

A few episodes back we mentioned Will Ferrell’s “Land of the Lost” movie.   I have to say, not bad.   One of the things I really enjoyed about the TV show, was just how bad and cheaply made everything looked.   After letting the trailer sink in, I almost wonder if it is “Too well done”.    Then again… Maybe not.   

“Year One”- This one almost looks like a remake of Terry Gilliam’s Time Bandits.    Only with “Stoners” instead of “Little People”… Looks funny.

My favorite trailer was the 3D “Monster’s VS. Aliens”.   While I honestly am not too impressed with the over all look of the film, the story sounds fun and the voice talent should be great.    I’m a sucker for 3D on TV.   Even though for the most part, it really hasn’t been done well over broadcast TV.   I must say it looked pretty good.   

Tonight I’m really looking forward to the return of “Chuck” on NBC… Not only is the series starting back up, but It’ll be broadcast in 3D!!!    I love that show.-  Canman




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