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HEADS UP 04/27/09- The show is now online!   You can get it from Itunes etc.  Thank you for your patience !  Have a great day!!!- Canman


  • Chad “Canman” Canfield
  • Kevin “The” Coppess
  • Jenny “Exotic Princess” Rammelsberg
  • Damien Wallace

We discussed:

  • TCR’s production of HAIR! (Timmy’s in that one).
  • TCR’s 2009 – 2010 Season was announced.
  • Iron Man 2 Rumors.
  • Kevin and The Canman review Crank 2.
  • Rumors on what TV shows are on the way out… Or Not?
  • Full report on Canman’s birthday festivities.
  • Angels and Demon’s hasn’t even opened yet… Rumors of the next Robert Langdon MOVIE!
  • Star Trek Toys!
  • Much, Much, More!!!

Music today is “Not Make Believe” by Maximilian Eubank




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