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Jamie Kelly

Timmy Arnold

Chad “Canman” Canfield

Cameron Thomas 

We discussed:

  • Canman’s Splatter Experience.  Big Thanks to the Cast and Crew of “Splatter” for allowing me to hang out with them this past weekend!  For more info about Splatter visit their facebook page by clicking HERE and their website by clicking HERE.
  • TCR’s Production of “Hair”.
  • Vacation’s on a budget.
  • “Lose You Can with Canman” update.
  • Aunt Camille’s Three Olive  “O Face”.  Be sure to vote for  Cam’s “O Face” by clicking HERE.
  • Much, Much More…

The Music:

Is a “Begawked” version of “First of May” by Jonathan Coulton.   You can get the original non “Begawked” version from his website.




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  1. Eric Dean Freese says:

    Chad, thanks for featuring “Splatter” on the show, and thanks for being an extra!

    Did Cam tell you he played a Japanese/French-Canadian billiards villain in a short film I directed several years ago? His character was named “The Swede”

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