The Halloween and Haunted Attraction season is quickly approaching.  This season I will be devoting a page on The Canman Show, just for Haunted Attraction Reviews.    Several years ago I founded The Frightmare Forest.    I’ve since retired from the Haunting business.  I still have a great fondness for Haunted Houses and Haunted Attractions.   I am making it my goal to visit each haunted attraction in the Corridor and do a detailed review.   

I will use my Haunted House experience when I review your haunt.     Each haunt will be given a grade based on many factors including but not limited to:

  • Wait time.  How long you wait in line is very important.  It shows that you are managing your “through-put”.  The most successful haunts, get the visitors to their attractions through the line quickly.
  • Que Line Entertainment.  While waiting, what did you do to set the mood?   Was it effective?  
  • Safety and accessibility.  Did I ever feel that I was in danger in the haunt?  Did I ever feel the actors in the haunt were in danger?   Will everyone who visits the haunt be able to enjoy their visit (AKA Wheel Chair Accessible and other special needs.)
  • The appearance of the Haunt.  How was the design?   Were the public areas of the haunt kept clean?  Did the appearance of the sets/rooms keep me in the haunt mood? Were the props in good working order?
  • Scares.  How was the Scare Factor?  Was I really frightened?    
  • The Flow.  Did I ever get bunched up with the people ahead of me?    How much time did it take me to go through the haunt?  
  • Was it worth the wait?  Did I want to go back through when I was finished?
  • Amenities?  What amenities does the attraction offer that give the Haunt added Value?
  • Originality.   I give extra bonus points for originality.  The best haunts have something I’ve never seen before in them.  I give even more points to Haunts that don’t rely on Hollywood for their ideas.   

The Haunts with the best grades will be mentioned on The Canman Show Podcast.

If you would like your Haunt listed or know of a haunt that should be listed, Please contact me as soon as possible.  Please include the name of your attraction, hours of operation, admission price, detailed directions to your attraction and what makes your haunt worth the trip.  

 I look forward to hearing from you- Canman




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