Well Hello World.. 🙂 (little programming joke there)

Anyhow, I come into the world with a mini review of my time with LBP Today.

I got a BetaKey yesterday, and according to the SCEA NDA, I can’t really say much, and I can’t show you any pictures or videos..

However, what I CAN say is this.. WOW

Let me just say this game was worth the hype and the wait.. it is a blast .. and I’ve just finished the tutorials. The feel is great, the graphics and rendering are AWESOME.  There are a few things that feel clunky, but can be gotten used to.. 

It’s even more fun when you are playing with a friend or playing online with others.. there is ALOT to learn and a lifetime to learn it.  I have found that I have alot to learn about level design.. 

I have to rate this one a MUST buy .. and a definate RENT!!

The Beta is up on the 11th, the game hits the street on the 21st.   This was the most fun I’ve had in a game for a while.  Even tho there are a LARGE amount of tutorials, they are humerous and fun to do..

(Note: This picture was found on google, and not from the game)




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  1. Kevin says:

    Awww, too bad the release of their blockbuster got held up due to song lyrics/phrases based on passages from the Koran…

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