About this time every year, my family starts asking for my family’s Christmas lists.   My mom always gives me crap for putting “big ticket” items on my list, but isn’t that what a Christmas list  is all about?   Putting the stuff you REALLY want on there?   Sure I’d be happy with a new shirt but, I dream big, so here I go:

Star Wars Toys:

The new Millenium Falcon:  This thing is SWEET!  Comparing it to the past versions of the Falcon this one is AMAZING.   The old one held 8 figures, this one holds 18!!! 

Star Wars Republic AT-TE Vehicle: When I saw this in Attack of the Clones, I wanted one.   Way cool.


Small Favor by Jim Butcher:  This is book 10 in The Dresden Files series.  If you haven’t read this series, PICK IT UP!

The Sword of Truth, Boxed Set by Terry Goodkind: I’ve read and read this series several times, so many times in fact that my copies are wearing out.   Now the producer’s of Xena and Hercules are creating a new T.V. show about it called “The Legend of the Seeker”. (I pray they don’t screw it up).

Expensive stuff:

Sony PS3: I really just want the BlueRay Player, But for the SAME PRICE!!!  Why not get the PS3 and play the games.     What I REALLY want is for Xbox 360 to come out with a Blueray Player instead. But I can’t win them all, so I’ll just take the PS3 for now.

M-Audio Studio Monitors:  I already have the M-Audio Fast Track Ultra, Which I use as an interface when I record the podcast.  I would love the monitors to go with it.   

Star Wars R2-D2 Web Cam and VOIP Phone: I could put this under “Star Wars Toys” but it’s too expensive.   Really check this out, it’s very cool.   

Chewbacca Supreme Edition Costume: I wanted this so bad when it came out.  However I’m not very tall.   That explains why I also want the next item.

Drywall Stilts:  They are even called SkyWalker… How cool is that!!!



IRON MAN!!!:  One of the coolest movies of 2008.   This is one that I’ll probably get for myself when it’s released on Sept 30th, so check with me before you get it… LOL. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas DVD Box Set!!!:  One of my favorite movies of all times!   This is WAY cool.


Note I called this list my first draft.   I’ll add more later. 

What do you have on your Christmas list?  Leave a comment or  Drop me a line, perhaps I’ll mention you and your list, on an upcoming episode of The Canman Show.

  Have a great day!- Canman




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