Squck Media

Content Creation Services

We charge a flat rate of $50.00 per hour for all of our in house production services.

*Voice over rates vary by performer

*** Travel expenses are separate. We don’t charge to travel in the Cedar Rapids, Marion, Robins, Hiawatha, Bertram, Palo, Ely, Fairfax areas.

*** Any travel outside those areas may have a milage charge and assorted travel expenses (flight, hotel or food) will cost extra.

Planning &

We are able to help you plan your upcoming project.

We are able to help you find the perfect custom theme song, sound effects and royalty free music to be played in your content.

Flexible Recording options

Due to our flexibility, Squck Media is able to record audio in our ‘Canman Show Studio’, on location, or remotely over the internet.

That flexibility can make all the difference.

Audio & Video Editing

Utilizing the latest Adobe software, Squck Media is able to professionally edit audio and video. Taking your project to the next level.

We can do it all, from removing the “um’s” and “ah’s” to adding all your music, sound fx, to your audio and video.


You can distribute your content yourself or we can help.

With the help of our partners, we can get your content on all the major sites. Including Apple, Spotify, Amazon Music and more!

We will even add custom ID3 tags to all your tracks.

Want our help?

Contact Chad Canfield SquckMedia@Outlook.com