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About Squck Media

”do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”
Chad ‘Canman’ Canfield
Creative Director

I began editing audio and video 20 years ago when digital editing tools were just starting to become main stream. At the time I was the owner of a haunted attraction and wanted to create soundtracks for the different rooms inside the haunt.

I became very skilled at mixing sound fx, dialogue, and music together to create memorable live action movie type scenes. The tracks were the backbone for for the haunt, helping with timing and putting on a quality repeatable performance.

In 2005 I started listening to podcasts and became hooked on several different shows. I realized that most of the podcasts out there were produced by normal people from their homes, and became enthralled with the idea of creating one myself. I sold off most of my Star Wars collection to purchase recording equipment to reach that goal.

In 2008 I launched ‘The Canman Show’ with a handful of close friends. I had 3 nice microphones, Adobe Audition, and starting producing the show weekly. I fell in love with editing and production.

Since 2008, I’ve helped many friends start their own podcasts and produced and edited others. I’ve created audio tracks for assorted other haunted attractions across the country.

Jump to early 2024, I found myself unemployed after 19 years with a company. I was let go as part of a reduction in force, and needed to either find a job, or start making a living for myself. I went for door number 2 and started Squck Media. With the goal of creating an affordable way to help anyone who wants to start a podcast and start making money for myself and family.

And I suppose you want to know what is a Squck??? Years ago I was writing a short story about a Squirrel and a Duck family. They had a kid called “Squck”. Part Squirrel, part Duck. I thought that was a fun name and purchased the Squck domain name right then and there. I had a dream that the Squck would make me famous one day…

Voice Over Rate- $50.00 per hour

1 hour minimum

Chad Canfield

Meet the rest of the Team!

I couldn’t do what I do without help from my friends and family!

Allan Boettger

Voice Over Talent

Allan Boettger has the “Big Voice” that you are looking for. He has been bringing his voice talent to more projects than he can count.

Rates- $100.00 per hour –

1 hour minimum

Kevin Zerbe

Musical Maestro &

Voice Over Talent

Kevin Zerbe is a composer extraordinaire. Give him your vision, and he will create your new theme song, and any other music you desire.

Rates – Negotiable

Kristina Canfield

Voice Over Talent

Kristina has a fantastic voice. She would make a wonderful addition to your content.

Rates – $50.00 per hour

1 hour minimum


Studio Security

Oscar is our studio dog. He’s a pain in the rear, but we love him.

Rates – Treats and back scratches

Listen to our work

Who doesn’t love samples? Check out some of our work.

Chad Canfield’s Demo Reel

Check out Chad Canfield’s voice over demo reel. Recoded and produced by Chad Canfield.

Allan Boettger’s Demo Reel

Check out Al’s “Big Voice” Demo Reel.

Sick & Tired 2.0

Listen to the opening of episode 13 of Sick & Tired 2.0 produced by Chad Canfield.

pre-recorded comedian Introduction

This is introduction played when Chad Canfield comes to the stage to perform Stand Up Comedy.

The ‘Big Voice Guy’ is the multi-talented Allan Boettger!

Haunted Scene

This clip came from the haunted house that was part of The Halloween Haunted Ball 2015. it was used in the “Seance Room”. In which a medium calls forth the spirits of a departed newly weds.

The Narrator is the amazing Kristina Canfield.

Good Morning Campers Theme

Composed by Kevin Zerbe

Instrumentally Speaking Theme

Composed by Kevin Zerbe

Kev n Joe Show Theme

Composed by Kevin Zerbe

Mom & Pop Shop Theme

Composed by Kevin Zerbe

My Movie Collection Theme

Composed by Kevin Zerbe

Pretentious Podcast Theme

Composed by Kevin Zerbe

Zerbin Tunes Theme

Composed by Kevin Zerbe