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  • Kevin
  • Jamie
  • The Canman

With Special Guests:

  • Dan Alpers
  • Eddie Skaggs!

Today we had no agenda, but some of the topics we discussed were:

  • Canman’s Birthday.
  • The “Lose Your Can with Canman” Challenge.  CLICK HERE for more info.
  • Central Corridor Gamers keeping kids off the streets. CLICK HERE for more info.
  • Wii Games.
  • Old job stories.
  • Stupid thinks we did when we were kids.
  • Gi-Joe and He-Man toys.
  • Much, Much, More

The Music:

This week we went back to our roots.   We played “Halloween in Terra Town” by the B-Sea Surfers.  They appear on the show courtesy of Podsafe Music Network.




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