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This weeks sponsor:

  • Steve “Red Dog” Hauskins


  • Kevin “Clamato” Coppess
  • James W. Kelly (if you’re very formal)
  • Timmy “Drama Queen” Arnold
  • Rev. Chad “Canman” Canfield

We Discussed:Beers

  • Drag Me To Hell!   (go see this movie!)
  • Kevin’s quest for beer continues tonight we sampled:
  1. Dos Equis XX Amber
  2. Fat Tire
  3. Flying Dogs Road Dog Porter
  4. Colt 45
  5. Jack Hammer
  6. Agave Wheat
  7. Jack’s Pumpkin Spice Ale
  8. Dundee’s Honey Brown
  9. Corey Van Weelden’s Home Brew
  10. Red Stripe
  • Interview with Sparkles the Clown about the upcoming El Kahir Shrine Circus!
  • Xbox 360 news.
  • Zune HD news.
  • Rev. Canman’s Wedding tale.
  • Much, Much more!


“For You” a previously unreleased recording by Tim Arnold and “Beer, Beer, Beer” by Wylde Nept.




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