L-R - Canman, Kevin, Timmy, Jamie

L-R - Canman, Kevin, Timmy, Jamie

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There’s a little cursing.   I believe one “F-Bomb” was dropped….   If you do or don’t like it, please let us know- Canman


  • Kevin “I’m keeping my pants on ” Coppess
  • Jamie “James W. Kelly if you’re very formal” Kelly
  • Chad “Canman” Canfield

With Special Guest:

  • Sarah “@Hidma”  Wood

We Discussed:

  • Mafia Wars Facebook Ap.
  • Sent BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Alisabeth!   She won $10 grand in the Converse/Target Store video contest!
  • Sent Birthday wishes to Canman’s Wife and Kevin’s Daughter, both celebrated Birthdays this past week!
  • Discussed Zombies in pop culture.  They’re EVERYWHERE…
  • Scary Chubby Chaser Episode…. Some one has KIDNAPPED BUTTERS!
  • Sarah has offered a bribe of cookies to potential sponsors!
  • Ohh Sooo Much More!   It’s a great episode!

The Music:

It’s been too long… I broke down and played Timmy’s “Drama Queen”!




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