I love podcasts.   They have taken over the radio in my car on my daily commute to and from work.   I find myself listening to terrestrial radio less and less every week.   I also find a person’s podcast playlist is a great way to get to know that person.   As I get ready to launch my own podcast in September, I thought I would share a listing of my favorites.  

Extra Life Radio: I listen to Scott, Brian and O every week.   The show focuses on Comic Books, Movies, Video Games… (much of what my show will be about).  The guys always make me laugh and have pretty good insight on what a large percentage of the geek community is thinking about.   Even with their “Poo” stories, I think the show is great.  

This Week In Tech:  I was one of the 7 people who watched Tech TV.  Leo Laporte the former host of Screen Savers and Call For Help created a high quality network of “net casts”.  This Week in Tech has become the show on his network that I listen to most.    He always has a very interesting and entertaining panel of guests and regulars.  They drive the show’s weekly tech discussions.   If you are even remotely interested in technology these guys have the inside track.

Tekzilla: Another Tech TV alum, Patrick Norton along with Veronica Belmont host this tech show on the Revision3 network.   If you were a fan of the Screen Savers, you will love this show.   They keep their discussions tech related.  The tips this show offers are PRICELESS! 

Buzz Out Loud:  Yet another tech podcast.   This is CNET’s “podcast of indeterminate length”.  Tom Merrirt, Molly Wood and Jason Howell are a great team and are very entertaining to listen to.   They provide a daily update on what’s going on in the tech world.  On Fridays they produce a video version of the show.    

Xbox Live’s Major Nelson Radio: Being a fan of Xbox 360, Major Nelson (Xbox lives director of programing) has the inside track on what’s happening on the Xbox 360.   His show features interviews of game developers and gamers.  

I do find myself listening to more and more podcasts every day.   If you have a favorite I should check out, send it my way- Canman




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