I travel on interstate  I-380 from Cedar Rapids to North Liberty daily.   Over the last month I’ve noticed a string of web cam’s be installed.  Traveling south from Cedar Rapids the start at the Highway 30 bridge and continue all the way down to North Liberty.   I’ve counted more than 10 of them.   Each camera has line of site of the next one.

This concerns me a little.    Did anyone even know they were there?  or that they were being put up?   I realize in today’s world with almost everyone having a camera in pocket and our addiction to social networks, that we have little or no privacy.    Even with all these intrusions, I’ve never had the uneasy feeling that “big brother” is watching.     I’m starting to get that “feeling” now.   

I do see both sides of the coin.  This could be good as it would improve safety in the corridor.   It could also be a major privacy concern.   

I would love to hear your thoughts on these eyes in the sky.   Please post a comment, or drop me a line- Canman




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  1. Kimn says:

    Excellent observation, Canman. Now we need answers. Who is behind these cameras? Cedar Rapids? Linn County? The state? Or is it isolated to a department, like the DOT or PD? And at what level–city, county, state? (You can see how many agencies could be suspect, and why we need answers.) And then why? And at what cost? And when was this approved? And who approved it? (Not voters–we’d have been informed of this plan.) Okay, some good old-fashioned journalism is needed here–the Who, What, Where, When and Why demand answers. Which raises another question. Why doesn’t our local news outlets pick up on this story? They serve as the community watchdog, right? We deserve answers.

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