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  • Kevin Coppess
  • Corey Jordan
  • Jenny Rammelsberg
  • Rick Nelson
  • Chad “Canman” Canfield

Special Thanks:

  • To Kevin Zerbe and Alisabeth for putting together are Total Rad new Theme Song!!!

We Discussed:

  • Rubik’s Cubes
  • Swatch Watches
  • Tight Rolled Jeans
  • Big Hair
  • Our Favorite 80’s Movies, Music and TV.
  • Theatre Cedar Rapid’s upcoming production of “Still Life With Iris”
  • Kevin’s new iTouch and his old iPod’s trip down the toilet.
  • Our favorite 80’s concerts.
  • What the heck is a Bandersnatch?
  • Corey’s laptop takes a bath in Mt. Dew.
  • Rick explains why not to EVER put money in your mouth.
  • Much, Much More!


“My Monkey” and “Tom Cruise Crazy” both by Jonathan Coulton.  Be sure to check out his website by clicking HERE!




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