I am a huge fan of Ghost Hunters and have been eagerly awaiting tonight’s season 4.5 premier.   It airs 8:00 pm central on the SCI-FI network.   Be sure to check out Jason, Grant, Steve and the rest of the TAPS crew hunt the things that go bump in the night.    Click here to view the promo for the episode.

If you’re a skeptic or not, I think you’ll enjoy this show.    I appreciate how they go into a reported haunted location and try to disprove what the people are experiencing, not sensationalize the place being haunted.  They look for logical explanations for the things people are experiencing.  Sometimes they can explain things away, sometimes they can not.   

They made a believer out of me,





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  1. Kevin says:

    I like Ghost Hunters International but by far my favorite is the original. Lately I have had to make do with reruns of the show Paranormal State on A&E, you can check them out at http://www.aetv.com/paranormal-state/ They have the equipment like Ghost Hunters do but they kinda screw things up by bringing mediums in which ruins it for me. I’m sorry but someone who is a little observant and goes into a house over a 100 years old can have a good chance at guessing ONE of the occupants first names. Last episode the medium guessed one of the older occupants first names was George… Amazing, maybe a John lived there too?

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