This month starts the kick off for items being released and prices being dropped “just in time for Christmas.”   All the summer blockbusters, the anticipated video games, the price drops seem to happen this time of year.   Here are some that I’m looking forward to.

Microsoft has announced that they are dropping their X-Box 360 console prices by $50.00 across the board.   So for $199.00, you’ll be able to pick up their bare bones “Arcade” model for less than the price of the WII ($249.00).   I personally would not pick up the Arcade Model as it does not include the hard drive which significantly reduces the functionality of the device.   I do recommend spending the extra cash ($299.00 to $349.00) on the “Pro” model.   It has everything you need to appreciate the functionality of the device.   

To go with the X-Box 360 there are quite a few games being released.   On the list of games that I would like to get are:

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed- This game looks pretty awesome.   I’ve played the demo and enjoyed it.  I’ll be picking it up when it’s released on September 16th.  

Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour-  In my opinion these are pretty much the same game.   These are the games getting credit for “saving the music industry”.  I enjoy both franchises but to me the subtle differences in the games are not enough to distinguish one franchise from the other.    I’m looking forward to seeing the improvements in the Rock Band drum peripheral and the differences in Guitar Hero’s version.    I’m sure I’ll be satisfied either way.    According to Guitar Hero World Tour Band Kitfor the Xbox 360 will be availible on October 26th 2008 and will retail for $189.99. has two different release dated posted for Rock Band 2 for XBOX 360, Game only  $59.99 released on September 14th and Special Edition (with the instruments) $189.99 released on October 19th 2008.

I am a movie lover and am looking forward to picking up quite a few of this season’s biggest movies.   Below is a list of the release dates to the movies I’m adding to my collection.

Iron Man– September 30th

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls– October 14th

The Incredible Hulk-October 21st

Wall-E– November 18th

Horton Hears a Who– December 9th

Batman: The Dark Knight – not confirmed, December 9th

 Have a great day- Canman




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