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  • Dan Alpers
  • Kevin Coppess
  • Corey Jordan
  • Chad “Canman” Canfield

We Discussed:

The Gauntlet is dead!

Canman loves Coupling! Jeffisn’s are very much missed.

Prop 19 in California didn’t pass because “Stoner’s don’t vote”.

Sucker punch!

Dan review’s “Saw 3D”

The Phantom Dog Smell in The Canman Show Studio…

We rate the “Sham-Hammer’s” movies.

Kevin and Canman are going to check out Pawn Stars LIVE!

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Canman shares his distaste for Mummy 3.

Clerks’s The animated series.

Canman loves his Grandma.

Corey Jordan’s use of the word “Retard”… He’s such a SPAZ!




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