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  • Dan Alpers
  • Kevin Coppess
  • Janet “Canman’s Mom” Canfield
  • Chad “Canman” Canfield

We Discussed:

  • The Horafrost AKA frozen Fog… and Seth Walter’s photos of it!
  • Dan and Amy got Engaged!
  • Canman’s Mom just Graduated from College! and turned 60 on 01/04/10!!!
  • Bubble Gum and Microwave dishes do not mix… especially when you put them in the microwave.
  • Canman’s “Matrix Clock”
  • Matrix Cube Alarm Clock

  • Dan is down on Ryan Seacrest…
  • Amazon has patented a “Bad Gift Exchange”… Awesome IDEA!
  • Trying to get a toy out of a package is like defusing a bomb…
  • Things that scare the Crap out of Canman…”Flying Monkeys and Living Dolls”…
  • Clothing Fads from the 80’s
  • We discuss some of our favorite Asian buffets in Cedar Rapids.
  • Much, Much More!


  • “Better” by Jonathan Coulton!  Buy his music HERE!



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