Seth Walters one of Canman’s favorite local photographers needs some help! This info comes from his Kickstarter page.


Seth Walters is an Iowa based photographer specializing in HDR or High Dynamic Range photography. New York in HDR is Seth’s 1st themed exhibit. In October of 2010 Seth visited New York for the first time and was changed forever. He had only hoped that he would be able to photographically capture the beauty and energy of New York. The result of what was captured by Seth will be publicly displayed in a free exhibition in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. These works are best seen printed in large format. The detail in each image is so great that they are not justified by a computer screen.

Printing these images in the sizes that are needed to present in full potential is not cheap. That’s where you come in. But your contribution is not a charity, each pledge will result in a “reward” relating to this exhibit. Take a look at the rewards section to see what your contribution will get you.

Check out these websites to see some of the work that will be shown. Then imagine them 10 times larger!…

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at this project. It’s been a dream of mine to show these images in their full potential and with your help that can be a possibility.




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