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  • Chad Canfield (not Canman)
  • Aileen DeJesus
  • Mark Seaton
  • Kevin Coppess
  • Mark Seaton
  • Mark Seaton
  • Chad “Canman” Canfield

We Discussed:

The fact there are more than one Chad Canfield in the universe.

A brand new Star Wars Fan Film “Star Wars Scoundrels: A Smuggler’s Tale” complete with the cast and crew.

Chad Canfield: Composer
Aileen DeJesus: Photographer
Mark Seaton: Director
Whitney Wickham: Lead Actress
Mark Seaton: Cinematographer

View the trailer HERE


Chad’s band Vardo, and their awesome upcoming release.  

We played a sample of their song “Sundown”.

You can get their song here 

*- Vardo is

Chad Coe Canfield: Guitars, Percussion, Harmonica

Brian Grimm: Cello

Ian Stewart: Violin

Nate Tatem: Whistle

Valerie Usalis: Trumpet

Ian Stewart: Violin, Jaw Harp

Mixed and Mastered by: Sean McMahon

Composed and Arranged by: Chad Coe Canfield


Kevin and Canman discuss briefly what they’ve been up to, and AVENGERS INFINITY WAR!

Much, Much, More






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