Canman in Deep Thought

Canman trying to think of $10 million ideas for Google.

Clay Aiken is gay?  Reuters is reporting he’s coming out of the closet… All I can say is “well DUH!!!!”

American Psycho the Christian Bale movie is possibly being developed into a Broadway production… Crazy…

Adobe CS4 is out?   Didn’t CS3 just come out….   I’m a little worried about the price tag.

The Hadron Collider is broken… until Spring.   When that thing really gets working, will the result be like when “they cross the streams” in Ghostbusters? Total pro-tonic reversal?

I beat Star Wars The Force Unleashed last night.   I’ll write a review later…

Google is offering $10 million dollars for helpful ideas… I got a few for them.

That’s what I got for now- Canman




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