If you visit my site, you obviously have been introduced to the wonderful world of the Internet.    Did ya know you could watch many of your favorite TV shows and Movie’s for FREE and LEGALLY on the net?    I know that there are many tech savvy peeps out there that did, but there are soooo many more (like my wife) who did not.     Here’s a couple of the best out there.

HULU-  As long as you have the latest macromedia flash plug-in for your browser, with HULU you can watch many of your favorite NBC and Universal shows, full episodes, partial episodes and in many cases movies.   They do insert commercials into the shows and movies, but other than that they are un-edited.   They have some great content there.   Some of your favorite shows from the past like Barney Miller, Benson, Differen’t Strokes, The Incredible Hulk.  And many new shows.   Heck the premiere of the NBC show Chuck isn’t till next Monday night, you can watch the episode today!  

Joost– The big difference between Joost and HULU is Joost requires you to install a program to get the content.   Joost has some of the same content you can get on HULU, but the also have some great original programing.

Hope this helps you catch any show premiere’s you may have missed.  Also be sure to check out the major network’s web sites.   They will often have ways you can watch full episodes of the shows you missed.

Have a great TV season- Canman




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  1. Tracy says:

    I love watching the Alfred Hitchcock Presents episodes…little did I know that the Fancast site I’d been using has Hulu hosting the episodes. LOL Very cool though. I need to get the DVDs, but until then….

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