Todd Gutknecht

Todd Gutknecht

As a member of “Closer Than They Appear” Improv comedy troupe, I performed for Iowa State University College of Engineering last Friday.  On the bill was us and Grant Imahara from Mythbusters…  (He wasn’t there when we were, so no autographs) It was a blast.   So a big THANK YOU to ISU for having us!  

A couple notable new releases this week.  First Iron Man comes out on DVD.   This one is a BUY.  Ben Folds I(my absolute favorite musician of all time) has a new CD coming out tomorrow too titled “Way to Normal”.   I’ll  be picking both up tomorrow.

The premier of Chuck is on NBC tonight.    I didn’t watch it on HULU this past weekend, as I wanted to see it in HD.    Sure hope it was worth the wait.

I’m looking forward to this weeks episode of Ghost Hunters Wednesday evening.   It looks like it will be pretty exciting.  (I wish I had Sci Fi HD!)…

I’m wondering what we should discuss this week on the show?   Todd Gutknecht will be joining us.   Todd is one of the most talented voice impersonators I have ever met….  Should be a funny episode.

That’s all for now- Canman




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