My son survived the X-Box live downtime.    The world is still spinning and he is very much still alive.  

Some of the Cedar Rapids Rollergirls will be in studio Thursday night for Episode 5 of The Canman Show!   That’s gonna rock!  err… Roll!

Do you love movies?    I’ve been playing the Hollywood Stock Exchange for a few years now.    It’s worth checking out.   Basic gist is they start you out with 3 million in fake money, you invest it in movies.   Based on how they do in the real box office, the stock goes up, or down… Great Game….   Check it out.

The Sword of Truth books by Terry Goodkind are being made into a new TV show produced by Sam Raimi and others for Disney/ABC syndication.   It’s scheduled to Premiere on November 1st.  No word on which network yet.   It’s called Legend of the Seeker.   I love this series of books, but am nervous about the translation into TV.  Especially if Disney has it’s hand in it.   I don’t want Kahlan turned into Hannah Montana….

That’s what I got for now…. – Canman




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