I had an awesome weekend.   I spent some quality time with the kids watching movies.   We watched Kung Fu Panda,  Elf and The Santa Clause.    I guess I was in the mood for Christmas movies (snow does that to me).     Zoe and I got up early today and had breakfast together.   That was awesome! 

I read Gazetteonline.com daily.   I enjoy all the articles and it helps me keep up on what’s going on in my area of the world.    Lately I’ve been a little bummed about the comments being left on the site.   They seem to have developed a “Forum Troll” problem.    I don’t mind constructive criticism.  Especially when someone who posts it with their “Real” name.   

 The issue I have comes from people who post nothing but negative, hateful, comments stuff like  “This is the stupidest article I’ve ever read, the person who wrote it should be fired”.  Then they sign the article with a pseudonym.   They don’t have the guts to post it under their real name.    It’s easy to spread hate and negativity when no one knows who you are.   

I’ll get off my soap box after I remind you what my Grandma taught me,  “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.    She also taught me “if I feel strongly enough to say something negative about a subject, don’t just complain about it,  suggest something to make it better … and don’t be a chicken… Sign your name to it…. ”

Update 11/10/08 12:50 pm.   I had to laugh when reading the comments from this story.   The comment from Ann Onamouse 11/10/08 08:55:00 AM cracked me up!   So I guess some comments where people don’t use their real name are o.k….  LOL.  Check it out… 

Getting Healthy Day 7.   It’s been 1 full week with no soda-pop.   It’s been 5 days and no sweets.    I’m starting to get full when I eat!   Last night I could only eat 2 pieces of pizza before I felt full!     That’s a pretty awesome feeling!   I could do a better job of getting some exercise.   I’ll work on that this week.

On my Zune.  I’m listening to the Album Lenka, by Lenka.   What a fun CD.   Her voice reminds me a little of Regina Spektor.   I love it!   The whole album is worth the buy.   My favorite song on the album is “The Show”.   Check it out!

On a positive note..  Thanksgiving is 17 days away!   Gobble Gobble- Canman.




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  1. Kevin says:

    Kung Fu Panda was pretty good, didn’t know what to expect but it sounded good in surround sound and the animation was nice.

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