Janelle Lauers NEW CD!

Janelle Lauer's NEW CD!

It’s no secret that I pre-record my interviews for The Canman Show.   Last night I had the pleasure of interviewing Janelle Lauerabout her new CD “Change” and her upcoming CD release party.    This CD is very R&B with a rock slant.   Very nice!  It’s rocking my Zune Today!.    Be sure to pick it up when you get a chance and hear a special sneak peak of it on Episode 10!!!    I’ll post more information on her show in Episode 10’s show notes (coming Late Thursday Night or Friday Afternoon).


Hellboy 2 “The Golden Army” came out yesterday on DVD.   I’m going to have to buy this one!    I’m a huge Hellboy fan.   I have been ever since Kevin turned me on to Mike Mignolia’s art full and creative comic book and novels.  Hellboy’s been described as X-files meets an X-file.    Full of humor and very intelligently written.    Be sure to pick up any and all Hellboy comics you can.   They rock!  (pardon the pun)




 Getting Healthy Day 10:  10 days no soda pop or caffeine.   I did go a little hog wild yesterday at lunch and over ate a little.   We went to Pizza Ranch in North Liberty.   It’s pretty good, but the food can’t be good for you.   I made up for it by eating a sensible supper.   Still working on getting exercise.   We walked around Sam’s club last night.   That was fun.   They’re gearing up for the holidays and had all the cool toys out.


Speaking of Toys.  On my excursion to Sam’s they had one of those “Kota” animatronic Triceratops dinosaurs on display.   It was out for people to play with….   I fell in love with it.   It’s so life like, you can even feed it fake leaves and when you tickle his chin, he has a funny reaction. It’ll be on the top of my.. err my daughter’s Christmas list this year.



Xbox Update:Today the box came to ship my dead Xbox-360 back to Microsoft.   We immediately packed it up when I got home from work and ran it to UPS.    Now I’m crossing my fingers that we get it back before Christmas- Canman





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