This is my “real” 2008 Christmas list. I’m doing my best to keep it “realistic”. However, asking for the “non realistic” stuff is part of the fun. Simply click on the Amazon link to find the item.

Stuff for The Canman Show:
This is stuff that I could use to help make the show better.

I could use 5 of these:

I could use 1 of these:

I really want to get a digital audio recorder.   I would like something portable that I could take with me to record live interviews and events.

I could use 1 extra microphone.  (that way I can give Tim back his).

could use 2 or 3 of these:

I could use 2 of these, but would be happy with 1.

Stuff  for me-

I am a huge fan of “The Dresden Files” books. I’ve read the whole series except these last Three.

I’d love a Blue Ray player. Currently one of the best of them on the market is built into the Sony PS3.

I already own a 30 gig Zune. I’m running out of space on it and would love one of the newer models.

This AV pack allows my Zune to be part of my entertainment center

Juggling Stuff:
Learning more about contact juggling is high on my list. If you get me only 1 thing, please let it be this:

and the balls

I own a HD DVD player, but since they’ve been discontinued I’m banking on getting a Blue Ray player. Thus the Blue Ray titles on my list:

Video Games:

Other toys:
From my favorite movie of all time!

Obligatory Star Wars Items

This one is high on my list

That’s what I got for now… I’m sure I can dream up a few more items to put on here.- Canman




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