In the order I’d consider seeing them:

The Rocker– Stars Rainn Wilson as a failed drummer who gets a second chance at fame. 

Note on this film- It also stars Teddy Geiger who had a hit song a couple summers ago “For you I will”.  He had a supporting role in the short lived T.V. show “Love Monkey”.  I was impressed by his acting on that show and look forward to seeing how he does in this movie.

The House BunnyAnna Faris stars as a former Playboy Bunny who goes back to college as a sorority house mother.   Looks pretty funny.    I liked her in the Scary Movie films.

Death Race Looks like a remake of Death Race 2000, only not so campy.   Stars Jason Statham, could go either way with this one:

A. Very cool Action movie

B. Crap

I may wait for DVD…




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