Greatest wife in the world

Greatest wife in the world

This week my wife is going to Phoenix, AZ to visit family with her Mom.    What frightens me is that she will be leaving me home alone with our 3 children.  I hope she has fun and already I’m realizing just how much slack I’m going to have to pick up while She’s gone.   Kris is a great wife/mom.  She does an awful lot for us and I truly appreciate it… I’m hoping that after this weekend, our kids will learn to appreciate it too!

With Kris going out of town this week, we decided to skip my employer’s Holiday party, this past Saturday night and spend some “Us” time together.    I was able to take her out on a “Hot Date” (AKA Dinner and a movie, children overnight with the Grandparents) instead.  

 The evening started at Ruby Tuesday’s.  The food was great and our server did a fantastic job. 

We had some time to kill before our movie so we decided to do a little window shopping.   We ended up at Sam’s club where  we were priced new tires for the “Canman Mobile”.  Then we decided “what’s a trip to Sam’s Club without hopping over to Wally World?”.

Wal-Mart to me, is like going to a museum.   You never know what  you’re going to see, or in this case over hear.    The Wal-Mart quote of the evening came when a pair of twenty something female Racing/WWE fans (I knew they must have been fans as one had on a WWE shirt the other a NASCAR coat)  They were walking down the Aisle gabbing when one answered her cell phone.    Excitedly I heard the one say into the phone “We’re not drunk, we’re just at Wal-Mart”….   That quote speaks to me on so many levels…

Anyway…Back to the hot date.    At the theatre, we took in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button“.   It reminded me of a cross between, “Forest Gump”, “When Harry Met Sally”, “Titanic”, “The Notebook” and “Big Fish”.     Einstein said “Time is relative” this movie proved it.    The 3 hour movie hardly felt that long.   In fact, I didn’t want it to end.   It was awesome!   Go see it in the theatre while you still can!



Tomorrow is Timmy’s Birthday!   So Happy Birthday Timmy!   If you want to get him a present, I’m willing to bet he would prefer you’d get one for yourself by purchasing his CD.   

You can get the CD by clicking the below link.




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  1. Kristina says:

    You’ll be pleased to know that I, being the organized one I am, have already made out a schedule of each day for you. I am sure you will be just fine.

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