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  • Kevin “Clamato” Coppess
  • Cory “OZ” Osborn
  • Chad “Canman” Canfield

We Discussed:

  • The Cedar Rapids Farmer’s Market.
  • An interview with Timmy about why he’s not here.
  • Ghost busters the Video Game.
  • Why Canman will NEVER be a Ghost Hunter.
  • Kevin shares his love for Carnies and coins a new phrase “Carnie Rig”.
  • We have an interview with Heidi from the Linn County Fair.
  • Another installment of “Butter’s Chubby Chaser”
  • Much, Much More


  • This week we’ll be playing excerpts from Junk-Funk’s Performance at the Cedar Rapids Farmer’s Market, Downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa 06/20/2009.  Be sure to check out Junk-Funk’s website by clicking HERE!

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