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  • Kevin Coppess
  • Jamie Kelly
  • Corey Jordan
  • Chad “Canman” Canfield

We Discussed:

  • How bad the streets suck in Cedar Rapids following last weeks Blizzard.
  • Kevin’s Neighbors suck and his hate for real estate agents…
  • How does South Park get away with the stuff they put into their shows?
  • Kick- Ass… The movie is coming!
  • Pee-Wee playhouse Movie?
  • Cedar Rapids was filming in Cedar Rapids.
  • What’s with all the public bathoom sex in Cedar Rapids?
  • Trainspotting is a great movie, just a little disturbing.
  • We miss Charlie Barnes… Charlie and Thor are hosting a Zombie Film Festival… More details to come.
  • Boondock Saints 2?
  • Logic in Jason Statham movies…huh?
  • The real reason the Titanic sank.
  • What’s the big deal about Avatar?
  • Does Lady GaGa have a wang?
  • Kevin explains what a “Disco  Stick” is.
  • Much Much More!


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