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According to Eventful“The Most Destructive Band In the Universe” comes to Cedar Rapids at the Hawkeye Downs Expo Hall on Sunday Nov 2nd!!!  

When the members of Slipknot was in elementary school and only wearing their masks for Halloween, GWAR was on stage Thrashing while wearing their Sci-Fi/Horror make up and masks.   Their outfits are amazing.  

 I last saw GWAR in 1991.   Their show has got to be one of the most entertaining, funniest and most obscene shows I have ever seen.  

A few words of caution…  This show is not for the feint of heart.   Also wear a rain coat.   They spray stuff on the audience.  I can’t go into too much detail (obscene)…it’s hilarious, very sick and twisted and many flavors of wrong, but hilarious.

If you are into dark twisted stuff… this show is for you,


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