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Audio Book Recommendation of the Week!
Star Trek: Conversational Klingon


Dan Alpers

Corey Jordan

Jamie Kelly

Chad “Canman” Canfield

Special Guest:

Titania Lyn!  Cover Model from the June/July Playboy’s Voluptuous Vixens!

Work safe link to her facebook page.

NON work safe link to her Modelmayhem site.

We Discussed:

Zach’s Moving out!

Star Wars in Concert.

The”Circle of Friends”

Congratulations to the Schoenhards and the Hoaglands!  Both had new additions to their families this week!


Are Tim and Alisabeth Celebs?

Canman reviews TCR’s Production of RENT.

The area gas station are full of “Sexual” overtones…  We have proof.

Jamie reviews “Despicable Me”.

The I-80 Truck Stop.

Corey gets a letter from the FCC!

We interview Titania Lyn!

Shopping at Wal-Mart. Roll back?… I THINK NOT!

Movies to or not to watch before you fly or go on a cruise.

Flash back moment “Butters The Chubby Chaser”

Much, Much More….


“Explosions, Lights and Beer” and “Good Bye” by Smoochknob! Click here to visit their site!

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