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  • Dan Alpers
  • Corey Jordan
  • Timmy Arnold
  • Jenny Rammelsberg
  • Devlin Kloos
  • Chad “Canman” Canfield

We Discussed:

  • How Awesome Kathy Bates is.
  • Our favorite Stephen King books.
  • Is “True Blood” better than the “Sookie Stackhouse” novels?
  • Is the show starting to “Take off”?
  • What has Timmy been up to?
  • Where has Jenny Been?
  • Timmy got to meet Anthony Rapp from “Dazed and Confused” and “Rent”.
  • 99 episodes… What’s next?
  • James Campen tells a tale about how he “Accidentally” drank Kerosene.
  • “Flame Thrower Dick Man” appears.
  • Karateka… Video games on Tape.
  • What’s up with Charlie Barnes?
  • “Wild Grape” Smirnoff ICE is Dangerous… It tastes just like Grape Soda Pop!
  • “Go-Games”…Looking for Actors.
  • Interview with Kevin Zerbe!
  • Amish online shopping.
  • How the porn industry influences the technology that’s popular today.
  • Star Wars Deleted Scenes to be added to the Blu-Ray release of the films.
  • Dare Devil Director’s Cut = AWESOME!
  • American Remakes of Japanese Movies… Why?
  • Micheal Cera, we love him.   Even when he grinds on you.
  • Much, Much More.


  • “In Decay” and “Not Allowed” by Tim Arnold.

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