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  • Dan Alpers
  • Jamie Kelly
  • Chuck Cavanaugh
  • Chad “Canman” Canfield

We Discussed:

  • Chuck’s Man Cave.
  • R.I.P Irvin Kirshner and Leslie Nielson.
  • We explain why we think Empire Strikes Back is arguably the best of all the Star Wars pictures and how Irvin made it better.
  • We torture Chuck a bit.
  • The top 10 Action Figures that are “So Bad They’re good”.
  • The “Gay Bob” Doll
  • A.F.A Grading, what it’s about and why it’s a great thing.
  • We explain everything you need to know and more about collecting vintage Star Wars figures… And then some.
  • Chuck sent 6 carded Star Wars figures and 1 loose figure to the AFA for grading, we open them up on the show and discuss them and how they were graded.
  • Suckerman
  • Shocker of the week!  Willie Nelson busted with POT!  No Way!!!
  • Canman thinks Orko was He-Man’s Yoko.
  • Todd Toys, Mcfarlane Toys, Spawn.
  • Micronauts.
  • Canman’s Redbox Experience.
  • Dan Reviews Skyline.
  • Much, Much More!



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