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First I want to send out a big Happy Birthday to my parents.   My Mom’s birthday was Sunday 01/04 and my Dad’s is Wednesday 01/07.  Happy Birthday Mom and Dad!  

Tim’s CD “In Decay” is finally out!   Be sure to download yours today!  It’s available thru Amazon by clicking the below link or by clicking the Amazon MP3 wigit to the right.    It rocks!!!

I’m cooking up a little contest for this weeks Episode of The Canman Show. It’ll be lots of fun! Be sure to listen to Episode 16 on Friday for more details.

I’m looking forward to watching the season premier of Ghost Hunters International, Wednesday night on Sci-Fi!   When the other shows are in re-runs or in the early winter “hiatus”, it’s nice to have some fresh TV to watch.    That, and I get my Ghost Hunters fix (even if it’s not with Jason, Grant and Steve).

That’s all I got for now- Canman

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