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#165 – The Canman Show – “Don’t You Know Who I Am?”

MP3 Download Present: Kevin Coppess Chad “Canman” Canfield We Discussed: Our St Patrick’s Day[…]

#164 – The Canman Show – “Rocking Kevin’s World”

MP3 Download Present: Kevin Coppess Chad “Canman” Canfield Special Appearance by: Chuck Cavanaugh We[…]

#163 – The Canman Show – “Wiggling With Wylde Nept!”

MP3 Download Present: Chad “Canman” Canfield Wylde Nept – Westen James – Vocals Steven[…]

#150- The Canman Show – “Wylde Nept in Deaf or Dead”

MP3 Download PRESENT: Chad “Canman” Canfield Weston James George Curtis We Discussed: Wylde Nept[…]

#76-The Canman Show-“TK421 why the Russian Beer?”

MP3 Download or Click the “Listen Now” Button. Present: Chuck Cavanaugh Jamie Kelly Dan[…]

It’s St. Patrick’s Day… Where’s Canman?

Good Day Everyone, It’s going to be a busy day for Canman!   He would[…]