Eastern Iowa podcast celebrates 100 episodes

“The Canman Show”, a Cedar Rapids-based entertainment podcast that focuses on movies, comic books, video games, technology, theatrical productions, area restaurant and product reviews etc. will record its 100th episode
on August 23rd.

The show, founded by Chad Canfield, aka “The Canman,” was first recorded in September, 2008. It started as a way to spread his love of “geeky, nerdy fun” with the help of his friends. The podcast has featured dozens of Iowans as guests over the past two years. The main hosts of the show are Kevin Coppess, Tim Arnold, Dan Alpers, Corey Jordan, Jamie Kelly, and, of course, Canfield. Filling the hot-seat are any number of rotating regulars, as well.

While the show has mostly focused on Eastern Iowa, there have been nationally recognized guests including inventor of the Flat-D pad, Frank Morowsky and Playboy cover model, Titania Lyn.

One hundred episodes is a milestone for any show, and the audience for The Canman Show continues to grow. “I can’t believe we’ve been doing this for nearly two years”, Canfield said. “This has been so much fun and I’m thrilled that people still want to hear what we have
to say.”

Photo of Chad Canfield

Chad "The Canman" Canfield Photo by Alisabeth

To celebrate this milestone, Canfield and the show’s hosts will be meeting with fans at Dublin City Pub on Saturday, August 28th beginning at 6 p.m. Friends and fans of the show are invited to attend this 100th Episode Party to meet their favorite cast members, reminisce with fellow listeners, and enjoy the camaraderie that the show is built upon.




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