Have I mentioned how much I enjoyed the movie Iron Man?  I picked up the 2 disc special edition last night.  Zoe, Zada and I curled up on the couch and watched it.   Zoe fell asleep, but Zada LOVED it.  She was jumping arround pretending she was blasting the bad guys on the screen. I have to corrupt them now while they’re still young.

   I caught myself geeking out over the DVD special features on disc 2.     The “I am Iron Man” documentary is totally worth the extra money alone, and that’s not the only special feature.  It chronicles the production of the film.  The documentary includes some priceless interviews with Stan Winston and had some great footage of Stan’s workshop.   

It was also cool to see John Faverau’s interviews.   He REALLY slimmed down during the production.   For a fat guy like me, It was inspirational to see him drop the pounds. 

Even if you’re not a comic book fan, pick this one up.  – Canman




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