Canman and Tony John recording our parts for The Cay

Canman and Tony John recording our parts for "The Cay"

Get out to vote today! I haven’t voted yet, but will after work tonight.   Several of my co-workers have already been to the polls and are sporting their fancy “I’ve voted” stickers.   I must say the design for  years “I voted” sticker is pretty sweet!  I can’t wait to get mine!

Day 2 on my commitment to getting healthy.   Yesterday was rough.   I got to work and they had stocked the kitchen with snacks.  Murphy’s law could have predicted that I guess?  I did break down and have a few Oreos yesterday…  No sense in beating myself up over it.   I’ll do better today.

Theatre:I’m going to be running the lights and sound for ACT1’s production of “The Cay” at The Palace Theatre in Vinton.    I did some voice over work with Tony John, Dennis & Debbie Green for the show.   The cast includes my pal Doug Jackson and Jack Green.  Show times are Sat, Nov. 15 at 7PM and Sun, Nov. 16 at 2PM.

Xbox: I still haven’t gotten the box for my dead  X-Box…   I’m going to have to call them today.

On My Zune: I’m currently listening to The Beatles “Love Album”.   I highly recommend picking it up.  

Goo, Goo, Ga Joob- Canman




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